Plugins (Windows Only)

This is a non-exhaustive sample of Launchy plugins made by other developers. I have not seen the code and cannot guarantee correct functionality or proper behavior. Use at your own risk.

ImyOpens chat windows for Windows Live Messenger Download
KillyLets you kill running tasks. Download
Launchy#With Launchy# you can write .NET (C# or VB.NET) plugins for Launchy Download
Mathy ResurrectedAn advanced calulator to replace the bundled calcy plugin. Try it, it's very nice. Download
PathyAdds the system path to your index Download
Putty Launchy PluginA plugin to add completion of saved PuTTY sessions to Launchy Download
PylaunchyWith pylaunchy you can write python plugins for Launchy (python required) Download
Special FoldersIndexes Special System Folders Download
System PowerSystem power options (hibernate, shutdown, etc., and in native language Download
TaskyAllows Launchy to search window titles of currently open windows giving users a convenient way to switch between tasks. Download plugin for Launchy Download

Contributing Plugins

This is not an exhaustive list of the available plugins. If you would like to see your plugin listed here, plase contact

If you would like to develop a plugin for Launchy, it currently requires that you use Visual Studio 2005 for binary compatibility. Future versions will support scriptable plugins. The documentation and API for plugin documentation is available at the API page.